Songs by Sergio Feitoza

Hi. Here writes Sergio Feitoza, a composer, musician in classical guitar and singer.
I try to make songs with lyrics more easily understandable by people not having English as their native language. Listen to the ones in the sites below and you will understand why.

These songs are also on Spotify, Deezer & other music sites.

In the YouTube channel, there are videos with the lyrics to play in the guitar.

I hope you enjoy.

Divulging is always welcome. I can communicate in English, Spanish, Portuguese and (not so well) French

Sergio Feitoza ** Cell: 55-21-988874600

Four CDs
• Fundamentals of substation design (temperature rise, short circuits, overvoltages and coordination of insulation)
• How to use calculations and test simulations to design more competitive and efficient products.
• Understand the specifications and standards used by the most experienced dealers

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- Trainings on Equipment for Substations and Energy
- - Design of cubicles, switchgear, busbar systems with the software SwitchgearDesign
--- Design of Testing Laboratories

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